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Xero’s – My Heros

My feet have more lives than cats thanks to Xero Shoes. Since getting involved in the world of ultramarathon running I am grateful for many things. At the top of the list when it comes to gear, are my Xero Amuri Clouds. I’ve experience so many benefits from wearing these shoes at every opportunity. I use to have a lot of pain from fallen arches when walking for long periods of time. After practicing yoga and wearing Xeros I no longer have issues with fallen arches.

Sock It To Me!

I try to do a bit of research before I make any purchases, but I always find that first-hand recommendations, and of course trying it myself is the only way to find out if the gear is right for me. Unfortunately, unlike some of my friends to the South, I’m not allowed to return gear haphazardly. Returns here can’t be made after a specified time period, or after its been used. Such a disadvantage to my wallet!

I’ll start with my socks.