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From Zero to 100-Km: Ode to the Cubicle

Consider adding some extra adventure and action to your next vacation. Hike, bike, swim, raft, climb, dive, or run, or run some more. You’ll need some time to peruse the plethora of tour offerings that are available. Most tours have a handy indicator for the level of physical activity the trip demands. If you’re like me, you want the most adventurous trip possible and you’d pick the highest physical-rated options. Start reading through the itinerary, and relive your whirlwind backpacking trip of that long ago gap year. When you snap out of the excitement of your wanderlust daydream, do you take a moment to consider

Murphy’s Gobi

Murphy’s a smart man – anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Or more astutely stated, “means that whatever can happen, will happen.” and as scripted in the movie, Interstellar, which I ironically watched on the plane on the way to Urumqi, China. Is there a law of irony where what you observed virtually will indeed play out in reality?

With almost all the forces of nature occurring within 7 days in the Gobi Desert, it made for another memorable volunteer stint with the 4 Deserts Race Series.

“Our plans never turn out as tasty as reality.”

Its been over a month since my last post. I’m quickly discovering that blogging can feel like work. Just like any job, and the tasks at hand get pushed aside because real life gets the best of you, or through simple procrastination. I plan to get a lot more posts published shortly, but (I know there shouldn’t be any ‘buts’ about it), it’ll be time to hit the road again soon. This time to Hawaii.

Final boarding call for Year 2015…

Happy New Year, Everyone!! With your new or revised resolutions in-hand, I’m sure it includes taking off on a dream vacation. For me it always does and it doesn’t mean a beach at an all-inclusive – that’s just not me. I’m not an extremist either, but I do try to find obscure and exotic destinations off-the-beaten track. I love the serenity that these places can bring to your soul. Some even shock your system a little and get your adventurous juices flowing, giving you a high where it leaves you craving more.

Looking for the Inexperienced Adventurer??

My travel buddy and I were trying to be creative with our itinerary to Chile by looking for various expedition groups to volunteer with. Having previously volunteered with another event we thought we’d be shoe-in’s with other events. We’d emailed an organization that runs an event that fit the timing of our itinerary perfectly! After a few days of waiting for a response we received a reply that was a bit surprising.