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Pseudo Sherpa – W Trail

Hiking the W Trail was challenging. I highly recommend this hike, especially since this is the second time I’ve done it. Breathtaking views all along the trail. Speaking of breathtaking, some of the packs we saw were loaded to the gills and were definitely taking hikers’ breath away!!

There are a choice of guesthouses or camping areas on the trail. If you’re staying at the guesthouse, this can significantly lighten your load. We’d chosen to stay at the guesthouses. The thought of carrying a tent and all our cooking equipment didn’t appeal to us. You can choose to have full-board at each guesthouse, which included a boxed lunch consisting of a sandwich, and snacks, so you don’t have to carry much in the way of food before heading to Torres del Paine. Although be warned, the sandwich in the boxed lunch is a brick! Tastes great, but weighs almost 2 lbs!!

Chile – North to South to West

For 28 days I traveled with a friend through the long coast and varied landscape of Chile. We started in the north, on March 1st, 2012, in the Atacama Desert. We’d signed up to volunteer with a 250km ultramarathon that crosses the desert. We can barely run 5 kilometers non-stop between the two of us, so we volunteer instead.

For 7 nights we camped in the Atacama Desert, remaining unbathed and feeding on freeze-dried meals and any decent snacks we could hoard in our backpacks. Wet towelettes were considered our showers and alcohol gel as our hand wash. We love the experience though. The interaction with other volunteers, staff, and athletes who come from all corners of the world.