“Our plans never turn out as tasty as reality.”

Its been over a month since my last post. I’m quickly discovering that blogging can feel like work. Just like any job, and the tasks at hand get pushed aside because real life gets the best of you, or through simple procrastination. I plan to get a lot more posts published shortly, but (I know there shouldn’t be any ‘buts’ about it), it’ll be time to hit the road again soon. This time to Hawaii. The initial plan was to volunteer at an ultra-marathon race in Jordan. Unfortunately, with the unpredictable safety in the region, that race was canceled. The alternative plan was to go to Turkey, but it just wasn’t the right timing for me for multiple reasons. Valid reasons aside, the prima donna in me didn’t like the weather and temperatures being reported for Turkey anyway. Who am I to even consider cold temperatures as a reason when it feels like -35 Celsius with the biting Toronto wind?

Once I found out that there was still space for a yoga retreat to Hawaii, I wasn’t as disappointed about missing out on Turkey or Jordan. Especially because I will have an opportunity to sit with the esteemed, Ram Dass for a day. Ram Dass is a spiritual teacher, author of the best selling book, Be Here Now, and writer of the quote I used as the title of this post. I don’t identify with any one religion, and that’s the beauty that I’ve found with yoga. Yoga is an all-encompassing, well-rounded, and open-minded practice that has opened my eyes to my happiest and lowest times. Its given me a medium to discover new things and dust off the cobwebs of the qualities I’ve forgotten about myself – an adventure unto itself.  In turn it has made me more ‘Teflon’ yet remain sensitive and empathetic. Without sounding too guru-ish here, bottom line is that yoga has definitely made it easier for me to go with the flow and not feel like I’m missing out on anything anymore. Knowing that Turkey & Jordan would have been crazy fun, Hawaii will be amazing! My wish though, is that those in the Middle East remain safe, and I ask the groups causing a raucous to please keep Petra and Cappadocia intact! Pretty pleaseeeee….

As I’m making my journey through this life, I’m learning how wonderful it actually is when “Our plans never turn out as tasty as reality.” Serve up the next dish of surprises, Reality!! I must warn you. I’ve got a big appetite and I love spice!


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