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Chile – North to South to West

For 28 days I traveled with a friend through the long coast and varied landscape of Chile. We started in the north, on March 1st, 2012, in the Atacama Desert. We’d signed up to volunteer with a 250km ultramarathon that crosses the desert. We can barely run 5 kilometers non-stop between the two of us, so we volunteer instead.

For 7 nights we camped in the Atacama Desert, remaining unbathed and feeding on freeze-dried meals and any decent snacks we could hoard in our backpacks. Wet towelettes were considered our showers and alcohol gel as our hand wash. We love the experience though. The interaction with other volunteers, staff, and athletes who come from all corners of the world.

Looking for the Inexperienced Adventurer??

My travel buddy and I were trying to be creative with our itinerary to Chile by looking for various expedition groups to volunteer with. Having previously volunteered with another event we thought we’d be shoe-in’s with other events. We’d emailed an organization that runs an event that fit the timing of our itinerary perfectly! After a few days of waiting for a response we received a reply that was a bit surprising.