Xero’s – My Heros

My feet have more lives than cats thanks to Xero Shoes. Since getting involved in the world of ultramarathon running I am grateful for many things. At the top of the list when it comes to gear, are my Xero Amuri Clouds. I’ve experience so many benefits from wearing these shoes at every opportunity. I use to have a lot of pain from fallen arches when walking for long periods of time. After practicing yoga and wearing Xeros I no longer have issues with fallen arches. Miraculously, I also experience minimal discomfort when rolling out my feet with my Acuball mini or Yoga Tuneup massage balls.

Xeros allow my feet to breathe, especially after a run with my feet sweating inside Gortex running shoes. My feet have strengthened and become more flexible just by wearing my Xero Amuri Clouds. At any chance I get I wear them for walking, and hiking. The first time I put them to a real test was a 45 minute hike in Maui, Hawaii, along the Twin Falls trail. The trail has a combination of gravel, packed dirt, rocks to scramble over and Twin Falls pond. It was so convenient not to have to carry a separate pair of flip flops for post-swim. I also kept my Xero’s on while swimming. Crossing streams were a breeze. The tread on the soles were surprisingly grippy and the lacing very secure.

The initial feeling I had was painful because the Xeros have a thin the rubber sole – 6mm to be exact. Their slogan, “…Feel the World” is exactly as it proclaims. I could feel every pebble of gravel under my feet. So they definitely took some getting use to. Although, once I got past the break-in period, its been Amari ‘Cloud 9’ for my feet! Subsequently, my knees, hips and back also gained relief from spending time in my Xeros.

The heel strap and adjustable lacing keeps the Xero’s secure and allows my foot to relax, unlike flip-flops, providing added comfort when being on my feet for long periods of time. Aside from all the benefits I’ve mentioned, the bonus is that I’ve received many compliments on these tasteful and fun Xeros. Nice to get noticed on practical choices of footwear!

I’m sure you’ve gathered from my glowing reviews that I highly recommend these shoes. Give them a chance and they may become best friends with your feet!!


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